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Journal Articles

  • Kang, J. H. (2015) Research design to evaluate an academic library's orientation program applying mobile augmented reality. Journal of the Korean Society for Library and Information Science, 49(2), 21
  • Kang, J. H. & Everhart, N. (2014). Digital textbooks: School librarians’ stages of concerns in initial implementation. Information Research, 19(2) paper 625. [Available at http://InformationR.net/ir/1
  • Kang J. H. & Everhart, N. (2014). School librarians and the mandated implementation of digital textbooks in Florida and South Korea: Exploring school context. School Libraries Worldwide, 20(2), 28-37.
  • Seung-Jin Kwak, J. H. Kang. (2007). A study on the developing the digital library for children and youth. Journal of the Korean BIBLIA Society for library and Information Science 18(1), 45-59.